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About Us

Former Vancouver store at 215 W 4th at Columbia, circa 1954

Most companies like to brag about how they've changed over the years. We don't! One of our greatest sources of pride is the fact that we're very much the same store we were in 1954 when R.J. Grover opened the very first store. Since then, our focus has been selling only products that are reliable and trouble free. Our products may have changed with the times, but our approach to personal service hasn't. Sure, we've grown to seven stores around the Pacific Northwest, but they are seven hometown stores that are part of the local community.

Grants Pass, Oregon, circa 1970

Our main focus is, was, and always will be: service. That's why we are a favorite of do-it-yourselfers. Our product knowledge and willingness to take the time to show our customers how best to use our products makes all the difference. It's true that we are popular with a lot of contractors, but you get the same quality service even if you just need a light bulb! Our amazing service requires having pleasant, well trained, long-term employees and doing all the little things:

  • We help you load large items in your vehicle
  • We actually count your change back to you.
  • During business hours you won't get voice mail, we answer the phone.
  • Our service counter is in the front of the store where you can always get one-on-one service.
Twin Falls, Idaho, circa 1970

As the world gets more corporate-conglomerate-mega everything, we're glad to be a little piece of yesteryear where someone friendly will take the time to help you with the latest in electric and plumbing. It was a good policy in 1954, we think its still a good policy now.

Vancouver, Washington, 2015